25 Instagram Autumn Pictures Celebrating the Magic of Fall Colors

25 Instagram Autumn Pictures Celebrating the Magic of Fall Colors post thumbnail image

These 25 beautiful Instagram autumn pictures made me think of this magical season and fall colors. In autumn, I’m charmed by nature changing clothes and dressing of warm colors: yellow, orange, red and copper. Although autumn is not my favorite season I am also not immune to its charm and fall colors. I like walking through my awesome woods of Mount Etna, where silence is golden and has something to tell. The rustling of leaves that run shifted from a light wind always give me a strong feeling of peace. I like drinking hot tea (as you know I’m a tea fanatic, lol) , while I look through the window the miracle happening.
There is something nostalgic about autumn. It often brings us back into the past. Sometimes it’s just a moment of reflection, a step that prepares us for winter, spring and its revival, summer and its explosive energy. But then you know, life is nothing but a succession of seasons and each of them teaches us something.

Before enjoying my list of Instagram autumn pictures I want to share with you a lovely doggerel, translated from Italian, I learnt when I was a child.


Where are you going,
poor yellow leaves,
just like carefree butterflies?
Are you from afar or anywhere near here?
From a wood or a garden?
And don’t you feel the melancholy of the wind itself that is carrying you away?


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Now here are my favourite Instagram autumn pictures:

#1. Walking through the woods.

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Via @mariasoleorlando

#2. Beyond the Gate in Norway.

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Via @stineaanvik

#3. Elegant Autumn.

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Via @clangart

#4. Fall in love with Autumn in London.

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Via @effie900

#5. Through the woods in Oregon.

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Via @cbezerraphotos

#6. Details of a leaf.

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Via @jacobrayrazors

#7. Floating on the water.

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Via @anarquista_cg

#8. Bike in Cambridge.

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Via @hannapatchaesthetic

#9. Pumkins time!

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Via @hellodaymoon

#10. Ethereal Autumn.

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Via @sarakhanov

#11. Stairs in Nuremberg.

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Via @bine18881

#12. Autumn road in Clayton, Georgia.

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Via @joshualumsden

#13. Orange everywhere.

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Via @micheleruiz

#14. Yellow woods at Coopers Rock State Forest in West Virginia.

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Via @michaelmatti

#15. Autumn sunshine in Krzysiek Lach.

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Via @krzysiek.92

#16. Leaves hugging wall.

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Via @mtiegreen

#17. Foggy Autumn at Forest Park in St. Louis.

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Via @1christopherjones

#18. Red autumn leaf.

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Via @paulinefashionblog

#19. Autumn friend.

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Via @sephora_rivers

#20. Yellow leaf in a foggy day.

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Via @purposeofenvy

#21. Autumn shadows.

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Via @peachypains

#22. Bright colors in Camden, New Jersey.

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Via @jrhonj

#23. It’s a colorful autumn day.

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Via @gwenn_michele

#24. Bright leaves on benches.

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Via @sr.photographr

#25. Autumn is a feast!

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Via @alissandravictoria

Don’t you think fall colors are amazing? Which of these autumn pictures do you like most? 🙂


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