How To Plan A Vacation Based On Your Personality Type

How To Plan A Vacation Based On Your Personality Type post thumbnail image

How to plan a vacation to make the most of it? This is not an obvious question. When we dream of visiting a beautiful place in the world the first thing we often do is going to a travel agency or surfing the web to look for the best travel deals. Are you sure this is the first step to plan the vacation of your dreams? Definitely not. Before going to a travel agency or surfing the web there are 3 steps you have to consider.

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1) ASK YOURSELF WHO YOU ARE. This step is linked to the second one. You cannot decide where you want to travel if you don’t know who you are and what you want. You think you know everything about yourself but often you react differently from what you expect in a given situation.  If you want to know what is your personality type I recommend this reliable test.

By the way, the best way to know your personality type is the Structogram Training, a training session I took part when I worked for a consulting firm. Structogram is not a psychological test, but a method that helps identify Personality and Behavior models. According to the researchers Paul MacLean and Rolf W. Schirm we have 3 brains and one of them is dominant on the other ones: green brain (seat of feelings and instincts), red brain (the brain of emotions and self-assertion) and blue brain (the brain of the rationality). How you exploit these three brains in social life determines your Personality and Behaviour.

For instance, if you are a traditionalist you won’t enjoy a modern city to the fullest but I’m pretty sure you will love traditional villages such as the ones in Italy: Marzamemi, Erice, Taormina and more in Sicily, or Civita di Bagnoregio in Lazio, Montepulciano in Tuscany or in France (Colmar, Étretat , Gordes) which also have a lot to say in terms of history. If you are introverted you won’t love crowded places like Ibiza, although you could love its beaches. So you could enjoy Greece which has awesome beaches but also nice places to enjoy away from the crowd.

2) ASK YOURSELF WHAT YOU WANT. What do you really want? Try to follow your passions and desires. Do not choose to travel to a place just because a friend visited it and he said to you he liked it so much. He has his own personality, you have your own personality. Then, the choice of your trip also depends on your mood. If you want to detach yourself from the world, just for a while, you will enjoy a “spiritual” nature. I would recommend to visit Scotland, the green Ireland or Santorini’s sunsets. It is only putting together the first two steps that you can choose the right destination of your trip.

3) BE INSPIRED. This is the last step about how to plan a vacation. I open myself to the beauty of the world around me. This is what you have to do. Be inspired. Enjoy a travel magazine, a travel pic on Pinterest or Instagram, or a video on Youtube or Tripfilms. These are great resources which can help you discover new inspiring places.

Don’ forget that

holiday is a restoring thing by which a blast of magic turns man into himself! 🙂

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This is how to plan a vacation which respects your way of being. Now you are ready to go to a travel agency or to book your trip on the web. Your soul is free enough to decide!

Have you ever followed these steps to plan your vacation? 😉

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