#TravelCollector: Tag Your Best Travel Pictures & Inspire Other Travellers

#TravelCollector: Tag Your Best Travel Pictures & Inspire Other Travellers post thumbnail image

Dear peeps, how much do you love travel pictures? Traveling is always a great adventure to be shared with the world. I also write a post about 15 reasons to travel around the world right now which shows you why traveling is so important! In this moment, each of us is experiencing different emotions in a specific part of the world: happiness, surprise, tenderness, adrenaline. The travel is a discovery which we live in a different way. We can learn a lot from other travellers and we can also get inspired by some travel pictures of their adventures. So I decided to create a hashtag just for you!

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Tag your best travel pictures on your favorite social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+) using the hashtag #TravelCollector and they might be shared most on my Facebook page or on my Twitter account.

Each month you could go in the draw to have your best travel pictures shared. This is also a way to make new friends around the world 😉
I will share only those travel picture that will follow these rules:

  • Great photos with a high resolution and with a great visual impact;
  • Photos must represent gorgeous sceneries and/or cultures around the world;
  • Describe where in the world your travel picture has been taken. If you want let me know about something curious about this place and how you felt when you took the pic;
  • Mention me so that I don’t miss your photos;
  • No selfie or portrait;
  • No link to the pictures;
  • No Profanity, Nudity and Please No Spam, No selling, No promotion.

NOTE: I will give copyright credit for your travel pictures 🙂

Please, this is not a competition, this is an experiment and only a way to connect with people around the world, to learn about other cultures, to share feelings and to get other people inspired to travel. So, don’t offend if I don’t share all the photos I could receive.

Now it is your turn! Collect and tag your best travel pictures!

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