It’s Time to Change: How to Change Your Life in 10 Steps

It’s Time to Change: How to Change Your Life in 10 Steps post thumbnail image

It’s time to change! Every day is the best day to change your life, but how to change your life? There will be a time in your life when you find yourself wanting to change something that does not satisfy you or simply to experience something new, to make the quantum leap in your life. You were born to live. You were born to change and evolve, not to survive, and it’s you to decide how to change your life and how to be happy. Changing your life is not always easy. Leaving your comfort zone is hard work and it often scares you, right? The most frightening thing is your fear to be happy and you can be happy only stepping outside your comfort zone. There is no time for excuses.

Here’s how to change your life in 10 steps.

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1. Get up early in the morning. Give yourself a morning ritual. Being early riser is not only good for your health but, according to Roehampton University’s survey, it is a habit that makes you happier. Wake up before 7 in the morning. Enjoy a healthy breakfast and set times and days for physical activity in the early hours of the day. Take a walk or go jogging, do yoga and meditation. This ritual will grant you more creativity, more concentration, more motivation and widespread prosperity, less stress and less sedentary lifestyle. You will also be more motivated to organize the best strategy to achieve your goals.

2. Focus on your goals. Take a moment to meditate on what you want to achieve. Take small steps at a time every day and you will be closer and closer to your goals. Remember: one goal at a time! Be a realistic dreamer and don’t expect anything from life in general and people. This is the best way not to be disappointed. Act now! How?
* Focus only on the things that make you feel good and excited, not on your fears.
* Focus on the present moment, not on the past.
* Now you can focus on your project. Spend the first 90 minutes of the day working on it. Then try to get it  during the next 90 days.

3. Keep a journal. Writing helps clear your mind and your soul. You will understand what is not working in your life, what you should change and why. Be brief and describe the goals you reach every day.

4. Increase your productivity. Complete 3 of your most important activities before 11 am. You will increase your productivity, reach your daily goals and you will be ready for another project.

5. Choose to live a more authentic life. Change your routine and try to understand and correct bad habits. Reverse the order of your actions and introduce new habits. Start with small things. A self analysis will help you understand what to change in your life. Look inside of yourself, free your mind and dig into your deepest Self. Then, make a list of what you like and what you do not like. Focus on a bad habit at a time and turn it! What do you want in life? Remember:

6. Change your mindset. The way we perceive the outside world has an important role in the change. What you see is nothing but a perception of your mind. A positive attitude helps you see life from a different perspective. When you change, your reality changes. There are endless possibilities, expand your way of seeing things and train your optimism. One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.

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7. Choose to decide. Do not underestimate the power of decisions. Everything that happens in your life starts with a decision. Deciding not to decide is itself a decision. Build your own happiness step by step. Give the right direction to your dreams. Do not dawdle, the time to act and change is NOW! What you decide to do now is in line with the values of this moment. If you delay you fail because you change your way of thinking and life itself changes.

8. Stop overextending yourself to please others. Stop looking for the approval of others to change an aspect of your life. You are the pilot of your life and only you know what makes you truly happy. Many of the choices we make are the choices of others. You can change your life without depending on anyone or anything outside of you.

9. Love yourself. Time for yourself! You are a special being, you deserve to change your life. Try to be flexible and open and learn from your mistakes. Don’t feel guilty. Open your heart to the beauty of life and you will accept the change. You also deserve to relax. One of my favourite activities is reading and of course traveling. Reading allows you to acquire new knowledge and to train your mind. Traveling is educational and nurture your soul. Here is why you should travel right now!

10. Be grateful. Every day say “thanks” for what you have and do not desire others’ life. Each of us is living his own life. Focus on yours. Make a list of things that you have and love them! Life is a journey and the purpose of your lives is TO BE HAPPY!

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These steps on how to change your life will be helpful to you. Keep in mind that you cannot achieve your goals all at once. Enjoy each moment of your life and celebrate your achievements: enjoy a dinner with your closer friends or a relaxing vacation, go shopping, give yourself a bouquet of flowers.

What does “changing your life” mean to you?

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