10 Cool Ways to Enjoy Spring to the Fullest

10 Cool Ways to Enjoy Spring to the Fullest post thumbnail image

Spring is synonymous with rebirth. Everything around us awakens. Nature shows off its beauty which has been dormant for several months and reminds us that it is time to awaken our soul and to live this season of our life. We are all a bit tired of being huddled under the covers, of rainy and cold days, aren’t we? We do feel the desire to enjoy early spring warmth and then be ready to the explosion of summer. Each of us lives the springtime differently but we all have in common the desire for rebirth.

So here are 10 lovely and cool ways to enjoy spring to the fullest!

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1. Enjoy the outdoors. It’s time to be more in touch with nature. Surround yourself with positive energy and let the warm rays of the sun caress your face. Do things you’d normally do but choose to do them outside. Treat yourself to some nice picnic on the beach, read a book lying on the grass or organize a meeting between friends in the garden. Let the rays of the sun caress your face.

2. Awaken your body. It is time to get back into shape. You’ve probably turned into a lazy bear during the winter? Admit it, you entered into a state of lethargy!. Stretch your legs and go jogging, take a walk or ride your bike. It only takes 40 minutes a day and you cannot live without. If you are more adventurous go hiking or climbing. Remember:

3. Take control of your health with a nutrition plan. After months of sedentary lifestyle, it’s time to take advantage of the season to change your relationship with food, if it has not been healthy. Usually we eat more fat in winter and less vegetables. Eat as seasonally as you can, especially lots of fruits and vegetables (artichokes, broccoli, lettuce, asparagus, beets, carrots, cabbage, strawberries), whole grains, fresh legumes, nuts and seeds. Drink plenty of water and detox your body. I often boil 25 g of dandelion roots in a pint of water for a few minutes. I drink it throughout the day because it is antioxidant.

4. Enjoy a spring break. Explore a place where you can dive into a full-fledged explosion of scents and colors. If you love cherry blossoms, visit some destination where you can find them and admire their beauty. Then, if you’re a fan of colorful flowers visit the largest park of flowers in the world, Keukenhof gardens in the Netherlands. Trust me, this is one of the most exciting experience not to miss. It is open only for 2 months! Then, if you want to be surrounded by a relaxing atmosphere visit the best blue cities in the world.

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8. Stimulate your own creativity. If you love art, photography, scrapbooking or DIY create something wonderful for yourself or for your home. Surfing the web I found a lovely idea by How Does She to bring butterflies in your home. Yes, exactly. You can make nice vases with butterfly noodles and you can put them on windowsills. They will bring joy to your home! Here is the tutorial.

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5. Wear the spring. Put a splash of colors in all aspects of your life. Dress in bright and pastel colors instead in dark colors, such as black and gray. Your mood will change and you will feel full of positive energy!

6. Decorate your home. Redecorate and freshen up your home in small ways to celebrate the springtime.  Paint the walls (white is my favorite color) or decorate them with colorful stencils. Put on the bed bright and colorful sheets that recall the spring.

7. Deodorize your rooms. Make your rooms smell good leaving your windows open to catch a spring breeze. Deodorize your rooms with perfume essences like lavender, vanilla, rose, lemon, orange, and start spring cleaning.

9. Cultivate flowers. Do you love flowers? Is tulip one of your favourite flowers? You can grow it at home! How? Put gems or river stones in a vase, fill up about 5cm. Put tulip bulb on gems and surround it with other gems to ensure a good support. Fill the vase with water up to 2 cm from the bottom of the bulb. Put the vase in a cool and dark place. You will see your beautitul tulip blooming between 4-6 weeks. Adding some greenery inside is something I always do when it is springtime.

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10. Listen to the world around you. In spring the rhythms of life change. If you go to a cafe rather than sit inside sit outside and listen to what surrounds you. This is a good practice to try wherever you go. You will see that everything is waking up around you. It will affect your life in a positive way. If there is something that make you unhappy change it and give a touch of spring and rebirth to your life!

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Springtime is a lovely season where you can follow the rhythm of life. What do you usually like to do in spring? 🙂

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