Travel in Style: Tips to Look Chic but Feel Comfy

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If you think that you have to feel uncomfortable to travel in style you are wrong! Let me show you some great tips to travel in style without giving up to look chic, even after the more exhausting trips. Being comfy does not mean being messy. It is always a wise choice to avoid socks with holes when you travel or your favorite sweater that you still wear despite it shrunk in the wash. Whether by train, by car, by plane, anything can happen while you travel! Sometimes certain situations can be embarrassing. You don’t want to leave your home with your big toe saying “Hello” from the sock, right? 🙂 Then who knows? You could meet the man/woman of your life just sitting close to you or the leader of a great company. Instead of hiding from people, you can show off your look, feeling comfy with yourself and starting a conversation. Life is a journey and it is always so unpredictable!

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The first thing you should focus on is the choice of suitable clothing to face any change in temperature. Dress in layers! Keep yourself warm when it is cold and vice versa. Follow the “third piece rule”, which is popular in fashion. Add a “third” piece to your outfit: a cardigan, jacket, vest, scarf, hat, belt, or whatever you want except shoes, leg wear, handbag.

DRESS IN LAYERS. It is a rule for almost everything. Dress in layers. You could wear jeans or trousers, a short-sleeved shirt, a jacket or sweater, a not too bulky or heavy coat. The important thing is that what you wear is soft. Choose jersey fabric that doesn’t wrinkle. You can also choose to wear a trendy tracksuit (not the one you use to go to the gym) or a maxi or posh jumpsuit. You could wear the jumpsuit with a blazer. This is how I often travel in style feeling comfy.

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1. Leather Jacket

2. Joseph V Neck Tee

3. Distressed Boyfriend Jeans, Whistles

4. Madewell Marfa Scarf

5. Frye Sabrina Boots

6. Gucci Oversized Sunglasses

7. Louis Vuitton Travel Duffle

BLACK IS CHIC. Don’t wear bright colors (white and pastel nuances) that get dirty very easily. I love white especially in summer but I avoid to wear it when I’m on a train/plane. I wear it when I travel by car. Remember that black is always chic.

JEANS/TROUSERS. Do you love jeans just like me? Denim is great because it does not crease. However, not all jeans are good to travel! If you are facing a long journey avoid jeans that are too tight, or rather choose the boyfriend jeans (the trend of this season), or trousers or skinny jeans that fit the soft lines of the body and do not hinder the movement. Too tight jeans or trousers hinder the blood circulation and they are not recommended, especially on the plane, where there are many changes of pressure. Wear any type of jeans for short trips.

SCARF. Scarf is one of the “third rule piece” you can wear. Choose a woolen scarf in winter and a cotton or silk scarf in summer. I always wear it to protect me from the air conditioning on the plane. The trend now is wearing oversized scarf to combine with a blazer and trousers or skinny jeans. Scarf is fab especially if you suffer with neck pain. You stay comfortable but trendy.

HAT. Wearing a hat adds to your outfit a ultra chic touch of style. Felt, leather, wide-brimmed, fisherman, trilby, woven straw, cowboy hats… Choose what best suits your personality!

SHOES. Always wear socks because air conditioning doesn’t help you to keep warm and no one wants to end up with freezing fingers. Moreover, not wearing socks can cause wounds to your feet. I do not like flats. If you have to stay standing up for a lot of time at the airport or at the station your back will definitely be affected. Wear 3-4 cm high shoes. Then, wearing flats with socks is not chic and you need socks on the plane. You can also choose boots or sneakers, there are so many cute models. In short, avoid the 12cm high heels if you do not want to have swollen feet.

BAG. Choose a travel duffle or a trolley. Here you will put all your personal items (cosmetics, make up, toothbrushe and toothpaste, at least one change of clothing, underware, socks, a book, your music player). Choose only one item of carry-on baggage and don’t put your things inside of plastic bags. It is not chic! If you want to look chic avoid backpacks that often are bulky and bother other passengers.

SUNGLASSES. Wear trendy sunglasses that will add style to your look, and in the meantime will help you hide dark circles and puffiness. If you are traveling by air and you wear contact lenses remove them! Your eyes may become red because of the air conditioning and pressure.

JEWELRY. Don’t wear too much jewelry and avoid expensive jewelry. Sometimes they can bother you when you are going to travel for hours and hours. Less is more and you will be chic 😉

MAKE UP. Choose a make up that enhace your natural beauty. The night before, make a moisturizing mask and often put a moisturizing cream on your face when you are on the plane (skin often tends to dehydrate) and apply a moisturizing spray to refresh your face. Don’t use a foundation makeup, rather choose a color cream or BB cream. Apply a bit of mascara to enhance your eyes and a moisturizing tinted  lip balm or a lip gloss. Don’t carry  liquids more than 100 mL in your carry-on bag.

HAIR. Ponytails often cause headaches. Apply a product for dry hair and let your hair loose. You can do an updo when you arrive at your destination.

These are my tips to travel in style without giving up to feel comfy. Do you have any tips to look chic but feel comfy while you travel?

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