8 Best Food Apps To Have While Traveling

8 Best Food Apps To Have While Traveling post thumbnail image

If you want to bring with you the culinary traditions of a certain country this list of the best food apps will satisfy all your needs! You travel for so many reasons and discovering culinary flavors around the world is one of them, do you agree? You cannot visit a place in the world without getting completely into its culture, including the gastronomic one. Experimenting with taste and sharing pleasure can also be a way to socialize and meet new friends during your travels. Here are the best food apps to have while traveling.


I’m literally in love with this app. This is a fantastic database with user recipes from around the world. And not only, recipes are also taken from some of the most famous food blogs. It works a bit like Pinterest: you can save your recipes with a Yum (the pin it button equivalent) create boards with your favorite recipes, and share them. Recipes have been evaluated by users. Depending on your taste, the system recommends recipes that you may like. With just one click you can add the recipe to the shopping list and Yummly automatically categorizes your shopping list.


Another recipe database is Bigoven. Are you nostalgic about flavours and tastes? Want to try that yummy recipe you discovered in your latest trip and cooking it by your own? Bigoven is a great app with over 350000 recipes to try. Recipes are subject to ratings and reviews by people who have personally tested them. It also allows you to plan your meals according to the days and weeks to help make your shopping list easier.


I love this app food. It is a social app. It means that food truly becomes a social moment to share with new friends anywhere in the world. This application currently covers New York and Argentina but it will soon reach Europe, so keep it under eye! It allows you to book a dinner at chef’s home who will prepare you delicious horseshoes together with other travelers like you! You pay a fee to join and you will enjoy a fantastic evening of food, good wine and new friends!


Based on geolocation it let you find the best places to drink and eat around you. Through the search you can filter the restaurants of your interest based on the type of food the offer (sushi, vegetarian, etc) and the kind of service. It also allows you to save your favorite places and to have a look at the reviews of users who have visited them. The community is very active! And do not be afraid, foursquare keeps track of the places you visit!


This app is a pleasure both for the eyes and for the palate. It allows you to have a look at the top dishes of each restaurant through beautiful images. The intent is just to convince you visually to book a certain restaurant based on the pictures of the dishes.


Another food app that lets you build a network of friends and find out the best restaurants to eat thanks to them is Zomato. It is an Indian startup which is now expanding and has also reached Rome, Milan and other Italian cities. Share your gastronomic travels. You will have the option to consult up-to-date menus, photos and user reviews.


How not to mention this super food app. This is an app that reports well-reviewed bars, restaurants, and locals. Usually the reviews are very reliable and give you an idea of how this culinary experience might be in that place. Not only, it also offers promotions, discounts and the possibility to book y our table.

El Tenedor

If you are traveling to Spain this app lets you discover the best restaurants in your area, book your table and enjoy exclusive promotions up to 50%. Over time, other destinations such as France Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Italy, Turkey, Denmark, Portugal and Brazil. were introduced.

Have you tried any of these food apps? What is your favorite one?

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