15 Reasons to Travel Around the World Right Now

15 Reasons to Travel Around the World Right Now post thumbnail image

There is always a good reason to travel around the world. Life itself is an awesome journey! If you don’t know why you are traveling, maybe you won’t even catch the true essence of traveling. So I decided to make a list of good reasons to travel around the world right now, so that you can think about why you want to embark on a new adventure and you can get the most of benefits for yourself.

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1) To train your curiosity

Curiosity is the engine of life. During your journey, curiosity lets you discover places off the beaten path. It also helps you reveal who you really are and what you really want.

2) To broaden the horizons

Look at the world from different perspectives to understand that beauty is all around you, in the small things that surround you. It is easier to see beyond the end of your nose when you travel. Yes, traveling is a form of open-mindedness, but remember:

3) To discover and appreciate new cultures

Often we tend to think of our culture as the best ever (we are self-centered). We are rooted in dangerous stereotypes that close our minds to the truth. Travelling allows to fully immerse yourself in the world of the other, to understand the social dynamics, history, customs and traditions and often break down the myths. You also learn to live as a local.

4) To make new friends

One of the things I love most about traveling is meeting new people with whom to share life’s experiences. Each person you meet always brings something new to your life. If you’re concerned that overseas friendships don’t last forever because of the distance, I assure you that often those friendships are more valuable and stronger than others!

5) To discover yourself

Are you really sure that you really know yourself? During the journey, trigger specific mechanisms reveal sides of ourselves you did not expect to have. You’ll be catapulted out of your comfort zone and you will also discover hidden talents and passions.

6) To test your  limits and to learn to adapt

Traveling is a way to test yourself and to overcome fears and challenges seemed insurmountable.

7) To feel  free

Do not consider the trip as a way to get rid of something, rather as a way to focus on yourself. If you are accustomed to the bustle of the city, you should try a nature experience. It relives you from the frantic rhythms of daily life. You will enjoy moments of pure and genuine freedom.

8) To communicate

Traveling teaches you to dialogue with different cultures. It helps you have a young and exciting approach to life, appreciate your home and people you love. You will look at your life from a different perspective. How many times have you snubbed your home?

9) To grow

Traveling makes you grow as a person. People who live the journey by following their wishes can obtain the maximum benefit for their lives. You won’t be the same person when you come back home. Traveling also gives you the opportunity to learn new things (languages, new recipes) because it is educational.

10) To appreciate the solitude

Very often we give loneliness a negative value. Loneliness is a private dialogue with yourself. If you are away from home you can get in touch with your inner self. It is a sort of rebirth.

11) To tell your story

When you come back home, sharing feelings and emotions with your friends and family  is wonderful. You will turn into an inspiring storyteller. People need to listen to wonderful stories. You will preserve the memory of your journey, smiling every time you will think about the smiles of people you met in a foreign country or a funny situation.

12) To live without regrets

You have no time to delay. If you want to visit the destination of your dreams do it now. There is no time to have a life of regrets.

13) To catch new opportunities

Are you sure that you will be in your country forever? If you travel  you can also take advantage of new job opportunities. Remember that we are not trees and do not put roots. Traveling surprises you! The journey makes you experience things that you never imagined, such as a new love or a new job opportunity. Traveling turns the ordinary into the extraordinary.

14) To get disconnected from the world

We are too accustomed to chasing minutes, hours, days and often we find ourselves at the end of the day wondering “I didn’t have time to…” . Traveling makes you feel relaxed.

15) To remind how lucky you are

People around the world live harsh realities. You are lucky enough to have a roof over your head, a hot meal, people who love you and enrich your life. You will see things in a different light and you will learn to say “Thanks”.

What are your thoughts? Why do you travel and what have you learnt from traveling?


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